Spanish company Andrés Pintaluba will participate in «MVC: Cereals-Mixed Feed-Veterinary -2019»

Andrés Pintaluba is a producer of feed additives and veterinary preparations.

Currently, the international activity and presence of Andrés Pintaluba, SA (APSA) over more than 70 countries, make it one of the largest suppliers for the animal feed industry in  Europe, with global scale activity.

 Products of the company will be shown  at  booth C 320 in pavilion No 75 at the Exhibition of National Economy Achievements (VDNH)  in Moscow, Russia.

More than 300 companies from 23 countries: Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Korea, the Netherlands, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, USA, as well as from different  regions of Russia have already reserved their booths (more than 21.000 sq.m. brutto) for the participation in the exhibition.

As of August the 1st, all exhibition area of  hall A is occupied. Thus, if you would like  to participate in the Exhibition, you will have to fill in application form  as soon as possible to book space  in  hall B and C!


We will be glad to see you at our exhibition as participators, visitors and speakers of Business program.


Any additional information is available on our web. site: 

Contacts: (495)755-50-38; (495)755-50-35; (495)974-00-61;